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Enfants qui sortent de l’école


First aid in schools

Max 12pers.

This training allows teachers, educators, ... to learn or maintain their knowledge and basic skills in first aid.


The teacher or the educator is the first actor in the chain of rescue in a school.

220 accidents per day in our schools in Belgium.

One out of two school accidents occurs in the playground, according to statistics from insurers Ethias and CI assurances, which cover such damage respectively in the official network and in free education.

Source: The DH 30-04-16


An injured person in the school environment

- Boss and bobo module

- first aid kit

- Call for help

- Reminder on clearing & resuscitation techniques

Duration :

7:00 a.m.:

8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.  

Access conditions :

Active involvement.

A good understanding of French

Physical ability to practice technical gestures

Target audience : 

- Teachers, professors, educators, members of PMS, ...

Type of training :

Intra-company training (on your premises): contact our secretariat to plan this training on your premises. Number of participants: group of up to 12 people from the same organization

Inter-company training: organized in premises close to the company (additional costs)

Price : 

- 55€ per person (maximum 12 people)  

Language :





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